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Kartek 400


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With the recent cancellation of the WHiplash race at Barstow, a huge hole is put into my racing calendar. I can't wait 'till September to race again. Therefore, I will be racing at the next MDR race at Lucerne.

Who else is planning on being there? So far this year, I have not had the oppertunity to race against more than 3 other cars. MDR says $1000 to first place if there's 10 in class. So, who's in????


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As of this post, there are 6 listed pre-entries for Class 9 at the Kartek. I just faxed mine in...so it's 7. Looks like it's gonna be a fun one!

So far:
Dan Owen
Dan Folts
Kevin Kopitch
Jim Mansfield/Paul Matthews
Doug Silcock
Mike Norris
Tim Hayosh

Where's Joel? How 'bout Steeno, MacDonald, Collins, plus ?? Shouldn't be that hard to make this a 10 car field.

LET'S GET IT ON!!!!!!!


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Got an E-mail from MDR today in response to an E-mail I sent them yesterday - they are marking the course this weekend and will have up all the course and mileage info on their site early next week. Also the draw for starting positions is this weekend and will be posted early next week.