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KC HiLights Midnight Special


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For the 1600 class KC Hilights will pay $1000 to the 1st 1600 that finishes with KC lights and decals.


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I'm sure one of the guys will chime in but it was pretty late last year want to say 8pm. I know it was totally dark by the time 1450 trucks started

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R. Gross

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As few logistics questions:
Where is the SF going to be located
How many remote pits will there be
How many laps will the 5-1600's be doing

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What time does the race start normally? On Saturday right?

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Saturday 8pm is the start at the gun range off of knight ranch rd .
There is Main pit, Pit-A at upper knight ranch Rd and Pit B is on roach dry lake just east of Primm.
Laps are 65 miles long and 5-1600 will do 3 laps.


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Is tech inspection on Friday or Saturday? Hopefully Friday night......:D

Bdub 1020

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My favorite race. Many times in Eldorado Valley and Primm. I would ride navigator for my boys chasing Adam and Becki Wik or Mark and CJ Hutchins in the dust with old school lights. It was our family thing. Dad riding co dawg at night. Scarred the crap out of me sometimes lol. Great racing memories I have.. You really need to race this race.


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so there is going to be a fun run for this event? friday night i asume?
Yes there is a fun run friday night at 8pm . Only pre-runners, race cars , SxS and motorcycles will be allowed due to a time limit on the fun run. The fun run is 35 MPH and we have 3 hrs for the fun run .

Will there be late tech Saturday at all?
Late tech is Saturday afternoon , if you late tech you will need to rent a transponder even if you have one so that it is in the system and we for sure know it is working