Keith Steele SRT Limited 2WD / Video


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Keith Steele has been putting a beatdown on the rest of the TORC SRT Limited 2WD field. Six for six this year, 14 of 18 since the beginning of '08. Add to that his six top ten finishes in six Pro 2WD starts, including a sixth in Crandon with the limited motor.

Here's a video showing Keith on the gas, haulin' ass, made by 3DCS Video.

[ame=""]YouTube - Keith Steele Crandon and Bark River[/ame]


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Sweet Video and this time I wont be at the Taco Bell jump to be in your shots..sorry.
Also just an observation but that blue and black car is learnin' to hang around... :cool
He's doing more then hanging around, he's second in points! :eek:
I am sure Keith knows this young man is coming for him, get some LJ!