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Kent Kroeker


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Was awesome to be able to tag a long and help out once in a while with Kent and the KORE team. Kent is a great guy, and Alan Roach is as well. It does not surprise me about what they did last year or getting the team out this year. That team runs deep with character and honor.


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Kent is a great guy. Dont let him fool you with his humble approach. that alone should tell you tons about what kind of person he is......


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Kent Kroeker is an all around American Hero. The world would be better off with more honor and courage if we had a couple more of these guys!


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I met Kent on a plane to Vegas. Asked of he was a racer since he had a GT sweatshirt on. Once he said he raced the GT class 8 Dodge I knew he was. Mentioned to him how epic the story was of him ad his partner saving the live of that missionary in Baja last year. He filled me in on the ram runner and we parted ways. Turns out Kent lives in the same small town as me and we share many of the same friends. I look forward to having some drinks with this living legend some day.


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Man, 2 and a half years later, and that video still brings a tear to my eye...

I watched this movie "Downfall" last night, and when I got to this scene, I could not stop laughing... haha


I am still "FULL OF HOPE!" lmao...

Kent is a good dude.... right after this video I had the chance to meet him at the Mint 400 GT party and was more than happy to share a Corona with him.... on GT's dime I believe, lol.