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Dec 10, 2017
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Middleville, MI
Hi, I'm Kevin. I found this forum from searching google about 181 Things. I've had a 4 seat street legal buggy for just over a year. I've done a 6" over beam, 2-1/4x1 front arms, combo lift spindles, 3x3 rear arms, it's got an 002 bus trans (that is now hurt) and I put in an EJ25 out of an '00 Outback. The Subaru engine was the best modification yet, I just wish I would have incorporated 6-10° into the trans mount!

So my username is from my Wheel Horse collection, my favorite little tractor is my '62 model 502 that I've modified with an 8hp Kohler, 8 speed transmission from a C-101 Wheelhorse and have various attachments like a 36" tiller from a later model, a couple moldboard plows, disc, etc. My wife has an Allis Chalmers WD-45 that I'm working on and we have a pile of various Chevy trucks, from my 69 C-10, to her 305 powered S10, our various Silverados and her '11 Suburban. We're GM through and through.

I think I might have the best job... err schedule in the world. I get to be the stay at home dad, I homeschool my girls and plow snow when the time is in need. I also do handy man work, build decks, drywall, do bathrooms, etc whenever I can find someone to take the girls or I can bring them along to the jobsite. The rest of the time, I'm in the shop working on something for someone or myself, or remodeling our house.


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