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Kia commercial

Does anyone know who the guys driving the sportage on the kia/dakar commercial are. A couple of years ago extreme skier glenn plake was co-piloting races with them and he looks just like the guy on the passenger side (the stinky one) on the commercial.

victor fabian
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As for the co-driver on the commercial I am unsure, but during the actual race Leduc was the pilot. The guys on the commercial may just be actors (or maybe there were 2 Kia teams?). On a side note, when I was watching the race on Speedvision, all of the drivers and co-drivers were decked out in matching firesuits with all their respective sponsors patches and other garb. However, when Leduc got stuck, he jumped out.........and his "stocky" frame was clad in a dirty white t-shirt and a pair of jeans.


John Bitting

Yes there were 2 teams running. Skilton and LeDuc. I also saw that show with Leduc in Jeans but he probably took off his suit to dig because it is so frickin hot... Just a thought..


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The guys in the commercial are Plake and Skilton , if you closely to the codriver(sleeping guy) you can see part of his mohawk coming out of his helmet. I'm pretty familiar with plake, he's a awesome skier, some of you guys might know who he is now that I mentionn sking, he's been in hundreds of videos Its good money for them I heard they get a few hundred bucks a piece each time the commercial is run . Remember a few years ago there was that commercial with Macpherson's trucks and some other chevy's jumping some dunes , I heard those guys made bucks, one of the trucks got pretty messed up during the shoot also !



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Yah, the co-driver is Plake. I hung out with a couple times up in Mammoth, the guy is a total ripper. He has a sweet pad up in Mono Lake with a bunch of buggies and other toys.