Kids new to him Pre-runner


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So my 21 y/o decided it was time for him to get his own pre-runner so he could start joinging us on our desert and Mexico trips. He had a pretty limited budget at $12K, so he was looking for something that someone had started and not finished or something someone had forgotten about, but needed to be pretty clean, as this is also his daily driver. There weren't too many options out there for that price range.
He ended up making a purchase out of Vegas this past weekend, and once he got it home, I got to have a good look at it. Someone built a pretty nice truck with some decent parts on it, and it was obviously well taken care of. All of the bumbers, and betgage are all tig welded and built really really nicely. It has a really nice Dirt-Tech front kit on it, and I noticed that all of the pivot points have gussets, and everything that lands on the frame has been plated.

We know that the truck was for sale out of Bakersfield sometime this year, and that the guy we bought it from only had it a couple months and did nothing but re-build the shocks.
Does anyone happen to know who built this tuck? We made a call to Dirt-Tech, but they said they haven't made that kit for about 10 years and the person who built them in house is long gone.

As far as plans for the truck, he's going to remove the bed cage this weekend and build one that doesn't sit in the middle of the bed making it completely useless.
Add some nice deavers to the rear, as we aren't sure what is on there, there are only 3 leafs.
Add a radio and GPS. Then he's gonna keep building it as he gets money saved.
It also needs some new tires ASAP, so we're looking for some 37/12.5/17 tires.


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Cool Truck. It looks like you guys will have a great time building it and using it.