*****Killer old OLD school video*****


Crayola Killer


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x2!!!! Really good footage. So I wonder if this is a one time deal or will there be another race to compete with the 1000?


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Thank God for shock technology. That looks rough on both, but those bike guys look like modern bull riding cowboys.

Baja Fool

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Great footage!! I want more! PJ in "Oly"... ain't no better than that!


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What a great story about a great time, although I'll take suspension over the "fun" he was refering to anyday!


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Great video. The best of times indeed. He was fun to watch when he came back to Baja in his new Chevy truck. There was incredible will to win back then.


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AWESOME! I've been fortunate enough to have been in his private museum and its unbelivable with what he has in there including Big Oly. Very cool! Thanks


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Sweet post, Rory! Thanks.

This video would be a great start to a movie that would outdo D2G, I think. Take more old 70s footage, go into the 80s and 90s, and then finish up with some present day stuff.... shazam...... better than D2G! I hope someone does this.


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WOW....That was great! I really enjoyed the video.

PJ and "OLY" what a pair!


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that is bad@$$$! hands down.

anyone know the history of the trophy truck? when it first came out, i guess you can say..??
"anyone know the history of the trophy truck?"

Are you referring to the WE truck tossed out of the truck ranks into unlimited?