King Kong fingers


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Was wondering if anybody out there has ever changed from the standard SAW torsion fingers on their 5-1600 to the King Kong
fingers? We have been breaking the standard ones, as the last finger only lasted 210 miles, and could have cost us a run at the
class championship. It looks like I have to cut the center out of the torsion section and weld in the new section to accept the the
King Kongs. Just wondering if anybody out there has done this before.


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I have done it twice. It can be a big job. With engine and trans out, I used a hoist to put the car on its side. There is a lot of cutting and welding that I didn't want to be under. Cut out the old center adjuster housing with a Sawsall and torch and clean it up with an angle grinder. One time I inside sleeved the housing and adjuster with tube and rosette welded it in before welding in the butt joints. The other time I just tacked it in place and then welded in the butt joints. Both times I V'ed the butt joints so that the weld had full penetration. Both cars are still running strong so sleeving may be over kill. The important thing to do is box in the front of the adjuster in to the Floorpan and cage so that the adjuster and housing does not twist out. I have seen that happen. It is not complicated, just time consuming. King Kong adjusters are the only thing that will hold up in a 5-1600. We broke standard fingers several times but never a KK.



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MDR571 - I've got the king-kongs and never had a problem - As the previous post said it is the only way to go (I know Ramesy did work on my car when being built, don't know if he did the king-kongs). My car came with the king-kongs so can't help out with how to do it, but I would suggest taking off the next couple of races to get it done right - so what if it costs you the class championship this year, there's always next year! #577