King of the Hammers 2010

Stone Crawler

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Just wanted to pass along some of the News regarding the 2010 King of the hammers race.

Race date is Feb 12th 2010. yes that is a Friday.
The event will start Feb 7th the day after the BITD Parker 425 and end the following Sat Feb 13th. LCQ (last chance Qualifier) Will be a two day event on an approx 4 mile race course Tues, and Weds Feb 9th and 10th. 20 teams will advance to the main event. You can register for the LCQ here
until December 1st.

We will have a full week of entertainment on the lakebed in Johnson valley between the LCQ, Pre running, the main race, trail rides, seminars, and vendor show.

Thursday Feb 11th will be a full day of media, Tech, and contingency for the 100 teams that will race in the over 100 mile 2010 king of the Hammers.

We are also happy to announce the release of Pinned TV's Ultra4 Vegas to Reno trailer which is a peak at the next film Hammerking Productions will release in 2010. You can also check out "Impossible Go" BF Goodrich's newest release as part of the "in search of go" series highlighting the Hammers race.

Spike TV's Extreme 4x4 TV will re-air the King of the Hammers coverage this weekend on Spike TV. Check your local listings, it is part of the Powerblock, and I believe it shows at 11:00 am Sat and Sunday.

Thanks for your time, you can check us out at the Off-road Expo. We will have DVD's and other swag as well as a chance to meet the KOH teams.

Jeff Knoll


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I plan on going!