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King shock coil adjuster pinch nut


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Anybody ever have a problem with these? Last trip out my nut skipped all of the threads on the can and essentially unloaded the whole spring. Probably my fault in that the pinch bolt was not tight enough. Anyway, I bought a replacement and when I went to put it on it was not going on very easily. The threads from the nut are not meshing with the threads on the can. Does anyone know if there are different thread pitches for these adjuster nuts? Maybe different from the pre run shock series to the race? You can kind of see from my pictures what I mean.


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I have Foxs, but looking at your picture that definitely does not look like the correct ring for the shock body. I would call king and see if there are different shock body collars


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The threads on that can really look like Acme threads. The only company that uses acme threads is FOA. Brings a whole new level of WTF?


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Turns out after speaking with KING, all of my shocks are pre 1999. They have an acme style thread, which to me looks similar to the brand threads on the new can that I had to buy. Kind of a bummer to have to buy a new can when just the coil nut adjuster stripped but hey, who says playin with buggies is cheap. I just hope this doesn’t happen to any of my other coilovers now. After buying a new coil nut and a new can, I am already halfway to a brand new coilover shock.

Thanks for all of your input!

Josh 8

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Yeah that acme thread is a left over design form when king was kuster. Old stuff.

Search for for old kuster parts. They will fit. But they will be red. Old sway a way will work too Same parent design was kuster.

So here is the deal. Lance king, Brets dad worked for kuster. Kuster was a oil field machine shop in Long Beach. Lance made up the first set of modern 3” type shocks like we have today in the kuster shop on off time. The shock took off and kuster went big time on the production of kuster shocks. Some years later in the 80s the economy slowed and kuster sold the line to sway a way. As the story goes lance was some what upset about not being allowed to purchase the rights to the shock or simply out bid. Either way though he left and started king down the street in garden grove. The rest is history.

So long story short. Kuster and sway a way parts have that same acme thread and will fit.
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