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KING SHOCKS Stolen this weekend 6/11- Directly from the King Booth at Regionals-!!!


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URGENT MESSAGE!!! Hey RDC family we need your help- Please keep a look out for some King Shocks 3 Coil Carrier (2) 12" with Res. and (1) 14" as they were stolen directly from the King Booth at the Lucas Oil Regional Series Glen Helen June 11th. They were Daugherty Racing's Pro 4 Unlimited Race shocks and they need them for the Utah Lucas Oil Off Road Race June 23-26. Please share this message. Thanks!


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That's bogus. Lots of people out having fun so no surprise that some bro dude has to come up on something they won't ever use and not likely be able to sell. Karmas gonna step on your balls dbag.

The Daughertys are such awesome people, I hope they get everything they need to be up and running for utah.