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Kisner Kaper @ SNORE

What do you think about the claimer rule ?

  • A good rule - Keeps things fair

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El Chinero

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I rcvd this comment from Jerry Gastil, a friend of Andy Kisner and Chuck Hovey and Martin Christensen:

"Having pizza with a friend who is a real jeep expert tomorrow, will try
to get some answers. I heard that Andy Kisner got his motor claimed
after the race, I had to leave on the last lap and he had a big lead,
too big I guess. Heard there was nearly a fight in the pits as he did
not want to give it up, said he had $4000 invested in it, a lot of bucks
for a "stock" motor. Jerry"



The engine was claimed based on the claimer rule. In some classes you can claim an engine for a fixed amount of money ($1000 ?).


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maybe the rule should be changed. what if the person protesting had to put up a some of money to have an engine torn down and checked, if all was ok that person would forefit the money to pay for the tear down, if something was found that did not meet the rules, they would get the money back, and the person would be DQ'd.
any thoughts?


If I am not mistaken this is a very common rule in pavement oval racing.
The idea behind is that all things are equal and you don't spend so much money in your power plant.

So if every engine can be claimed for $1000... how much are you willing to invest if anyone can claim it for that. If claims become the norm no one would risk spending much money into it. Now if you do it, it would perhaps show during a race.. like you pull away from the field...and then you may get claimed.

The concept behind it is to keep things equal.

This does not mean I am for or against it... just trying to explain what the rule is all about.


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I think claimer rules are fine but the dollar amount in this case I believe is to low. I think that the cost should cover the labor involved to pull the motor then have to go out and get another one. Maybe around $2500.00 would be more fair?



well if the amount is too low you could do a counterclaim right on the spot and 'buy' a cheap replacement...but now someone could get sneaky and enter with some beater engine just to claim someones nicer one.

Btw.. I am not sure what the claim dollar amount was in this case.


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Which classes use this rule? Heck, even my little VW motor cost over $7000 after I was done (ok, fat was done)... Someone snagging it for 1k would have me pissed too!!

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And there is the problem with these kind's of rules. Go enter just to claim a better motor. I don't know how you could stop that from happening? It's a touchy thing. The pavement guys deal with it and have no problems.



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I believe only 2nd place can claim 1st place finishers motor. So maybe Kisner can get that high dollar claimer motor back next race.


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Aaaaahhhhhhhh, now that makes more sense. I was under the impression that anyone could claim anyone else’s motor. 2nd can take 1st. That makes more sense. Show's what I know



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don't have the most current SCORE rule book, but in the 1996-1997 rule book it reads "that any finisher in the top five can claim the first place finisher's engine". and back then it was only $800.00.
but a $1000.00 sounds a little low to me. maybe $1500.00 would be abetter figure.

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Current Score rule book says "any finisher in top 5 can claim the first place finishers engine by putting up $1000 CASH. The first place finisher has to give up rights to his engine to claimer. The engine in this case will be considered the long block. Sheet metal, fan housing, carb, generator/altenator, distributer, intake manifold, etc., are not included in this rule."
A rules a rule - but a $1000 may too cheap - causes guys to claim engines just to piss each other off, ridgecrest should be interesting!!!
Shaun - your "gif's" are giving me headaches -JK.


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Sorry Kurt,
The excitement of the new board just got me a little carried away
I'll tone it down

I'm with you on the claimer rule by the way.

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you think shaun ??

you are the only one that made it to the journeyman title...you are online too much



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FYI, Dan Owen finished 3rd behind the Walters bros 2nd and Kisner 1st. Anyone in the class can claim anyone elses motor in 9. to claim in SNORE costs $1000 and thats what they forked up. been there, seen it.

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I think the Claimer rule stinks . I don't race class nine , and that's another reason not to . How could you even feel good about yourself to take the winners motor ?? I think the person that does something like that , for one has no class , two , has no skills , and three , should just stay home and watch Nascar on the weekend , because he has no place on a real race course !! Give me a break !! Well then again , I guess if I had no talent , and couldn't beat anybody , hey , I'd want them to have to build a new motor too when I take there's ( might finally stand a chance to win if they can't afford a new motor ) . NOT!!!!!!!! Get a life and build your own motor ladies .

Dan Vance