Klaus, thank you for the opportunity to participate in RDZ's forums for the past 13yrs.


13 years is a long time and it saddens us to see a member choose to get his or her account deleted.
We value each users wishes and comply with such request as we get them periodically.

Typically we delay account deletes as we have learned over time it often is a regretted re-action on the users end and often just a few hours later they wish to reverse the process. Or they eventually signup up again with a new avatar.

Todays such exercise made it clear internally that we have no solid policy in place. Account delete request are very rare and we in the past respond to them on an individual case.

We are now internally establishing a more firm policy and action plan to address account deletes.

Perhaps streamlined technology where users can self delete their accounts. This will take a while to get completed and is not the upmost highest priority but will not get forgotten. We will look at policy and procedure of the big social networks as a model and also consider. We will study GDPR laws as they slowly start to affect online communities and then at the end roll our own version in place.