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KLSX 97.1 Pnone numbers


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guys call the station and let them know how much you liked Malibu Dans show. The more people that call the more the station will want to do more events like that. And the more 97.1 will back off-road racing... Station number is (213) 383 4222..... Ask for Rich Burner he is the program director or Dans extention is 494... GO CALL!!



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Made the call Kreg! The Burner was very happy to hear it and seemed like a very nice man!! GOOD JOB MALIBU DAN! Next person=YOU Off-Road Fan!! Make the call.



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I called them up and let Rich know what a killer job they did! ! ! ! He's a very amiable guy. Everyone who went to the show should call and voice there apreciation. Unless you didn't have good time but I don't see how that would have been possible.


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Done - called - Mr. Burner seemed to really appreciate the call and has only been hearing good things - keep it up...

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I called yesterday to add my $.2 but the mail box was "full"...will try again today!

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