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Knotty Pine 250 in Caliente June 8-9


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If your want to get away from the desert heat and enjoy a great race try this race. The start of the race is in the town and they want the racers there. There are 5 state parks within a 30 minute drive . The track runs in the pine trees up to about 7000 ft .
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R. Gross

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funny, after all these year i still hate that hill,but what a cool place to race.
I love that hill. Especially back in the day when the pits were in the railroad yard under the trees and you could watch them come down it into town from your lounge chair. I remember one year when I saw TJ Flores in the class 1 car accelerate down the straight section before braking hard before the right into the street. Most guys are on the brakes, but it was awesome to see and hear that V-8.


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Where are the pits at now can you still see the hill? An easy place to watch or spectate from?

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Caliente Hot Springs Motel and Spa

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Kershaw-Ryan State Park
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20 miles out of Caliente


Hutchings Motel
411 LaCour St.
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Motherlode Motel
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Eagle Valley Resort
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Echo Canyon State Park
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Will the main pit have enough room for Rv or is a campground ideal