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KOH 2016 who's going

Slippery P

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I will be out there from Wed. To Sun. In this pig.
We have a house in Landers if you see me around stop and say hi/have a cold one.

Slippery P

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Well, another KOH come and gone. This year was yet another great time spent with friends and family. We spectated responsibly at RM68 this year and saw some awesome racing through the desert with a 2 race line into a left hand swooper. The IFS cars just keep getting faster through the desert, Shannon came through on his second lap by far the fastest, dude was haulin the mail! That said the top straight axle cars aren't far off the pace through the rough and obviously the old trusty straight axle was the fastest this year.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to King shocks, and Rough Stuff, for getting a couple broken vehicles in our group back on the road for the rest of the week at NO CHARGE! You guys are awesome!

I have to say I am very disappointed in the lack of responsibility some people have. I picked up more than my share of trash this weekend, particularly a trash pile left in the middle of the lake bed. Looked as if they packed up and drove away from their trash, I only wish I would have seen them!

As usual big thanks to Dave Cole and ALL of the volunteers that make this happen.


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The f*&&%@ trash throwers kill it for everyone. Last year at TDS in Salton Sea I rolled through the Notches (Worm whatever they call it) at 3 in the morning after the party was over and it was unbelievable. The amount of trash left behind was Ridiculous. TDS had at least 30 volunteers out there at 3 in the morning picking it up. It is shameful that people leave that much trash behind. I see people fish beers and throw the can down when they are 5' from their rig-HUH?
Put a gawd damn trash bag on your rig a&^%holes and put the trash in it!
Probably the same people who complain the desert is shut down and would never give 5 bucks to Blue Ribbon Coalition, Friends of Johnson Valley etc.

Slippery P

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I agree, this event just keeps getting bigger, and so it starts to attract "those types" of people. This year was particularly worse than all others. I really like how when I call people out on throwing their garbage on the ground and walking away from it, they want to fight.

It's really a shame because Dave Cole wants everyone to enjoy their public land while this event takes place. he really has to make the impossible happen in order for the desert to remain open and spectators not be behind fences in designated areas like BITD cattle. This will all come to an end if azzhats don't start taking responsibility for themselves. (Spectators & racers)