Kr3 vs Kr3S 40” The Mint vs Hammers vs East Coast...


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Just found out yesterday there are two different kr3 40” tires (insert welcome to 2015 joke here). Standard and sticky S version.... I’ve raced the Mint and King of the Hammers on the sticky S version, but yesterday BFG was telling me to go to the non sticky kr3 for the Mint.

Is that what most BFG riding trucks are running? I just stupidly assumed everyone raced on the S versions. Most of my events are East Coast outside of hammers and the mint, so I’m trying to figure out which set to go with.

Is there a clear favorite that would do better in those 3 environments (koh, Mint, east coast slick clay)? Or is it no brainer I should be on the stiffer kr3 non sticky for the mint?