Kragen HID's


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Is anyone running them on chase trucks or anything? Ive heard there pretty good and got a couple 7in. and was just seeing if anyone has had any problems with them.


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I mounted 3 on my buddies 1450 ranger for him and took them out on a couple trips and they work great and are really bright. Nothing to complain about them so far.


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I have had them since they came out, not one issue. they do prefer a very good ground, and I run them with a relay for power input.

they have a wide "euro pattern" one of my friend opened one and turned the lense 90 degrees for a vert pattern for the dunes.

Great lights for the money, and they make them in 4" also.


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I've had a pair on my pit truck for the last year or so and they are great. No problems at all and they are really bright and easy to install.


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i put 3 on my buddys ranger and and they work really good, the only thing that happend was that the lens shattered out of nowhere but other than that there super bright and work good.


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Awsome lights. Got three on my silverado and had ZERO problems. Easy hook up also. Cant go wrong with the price either.