Kudos to bajakits


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They have created a bad rap for themselves the last few years. Especially on customer service. I myself had multiple tough experiences with them, unable to get ahold of someone, unable to purchase items, long fulfillment times.

All of which seemed par for the course.

I guess the have done some sort of restructuring when they moved, maybe they did staffing improvements or hirings.

Anyways, I’ve run into a hiccup on some parts from someone else and I am in a bind. They have a part that they use for a kit that may work for me. I sent them an email over the weekend and early this morning I got a response saying they can sell me the part and to call in.

Called in and JT answered and sold me the part and got me a shipping tracking number about an hour later.

Now I’m not sure the part will work, that part is on me, and hopefully it will get my truck back to drivable.

I know it’s just one transaction. But I complain a lot about bad shops. Seems this truck is cursed and I find the worst of the worst.

So I want to give kudos when it’s earned. Especially when most shops are busy with their golden customer and their SEMA vehicle builds and ignoring the little guys.
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