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Hey folks out there in the dirt world my name is kyle! haha just playin. im coming here in hopes to keep closer to the world and spead news and info if i have it to spread. Ive been on this site for a year or so with my friends and also we put a computer in the shop so now its up all day. hope to be on soon and look forward to hanging out with you guys online and at the races. see ya. Kyle

I was born into desert racing and now were rippin it up in short coarse. We still love running in the desert and we will be back and strong in the near future.
I found this place both by random stumble and also the millions of stickers ive seen around.RDC
I own and race a 2008 Pro4 and also a 06 prolite, as well as a 06 rhino and a 06 rmz 450.Bad ass toys!! yee ha
We will be running in the desert possibly full time TT in 2010!!
We are always busy prepping and building trucks at our shop! plus driving to the Dam races!!! sucks


Hi Kyle Leduc Iam new here my name is will smith...


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Welcome to the addiction know as RDC Kyle!

Hopefully you can put up with the "experts" here that know everything....

How's the Leatt working out so far? Jason (from Leatt) was blowing up my cell phone with texts last fri/sat with details about all the guys in Texas wearing the brace, sounds like things were going well.

Next time you talk to him, tell him you didn't think Asians were into offroad racing....we like to remind him as often as possible that Asians are good at math, not motorsports!!!

Alright....before everybody gets all PC on me....Jason is one of my best friends....he's used to it!!!!!

Mike @ pit b

Welcome aboard Kyle, you're about the only guy who doesn't need an intro. :D:D