Land Management Officer Shoots Woman Off-Roading in Berdo Canyon

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There has to be more to the story on this one. What do you guys think?

Land Management Officer Shoots Woman Off-Roading in Berdoo Canyon

An officer with BLM or the Bureau of Land Management officer shot a woman who was off roading on Berdoo Canyon off of Dillon Road. Riverside County Sheriff’s investigators responded Sunday at 11 p.m. but were in the remote canyon most of the day Monday.

“The preliminary investigation revealed at this time that the Bureau of Land Management officers responded to assist the Joshua Tree National Park Service ranger … with an illegal off roading failure to yield investigation,” said RSO Investigator Armado Muñoz.

He says they were trying to get the off roaders to stop, “A Bureau of Land Management officer attempted to stop the off road vehicle and an officer involved shooting occurred at that time,” he said that adding the female hurt was a passenger, “adult female that was in the off road vehicle was injured as a result of the shooting and transported to a local hospital for treatment of the non life threatening injuries that she suffered and a male adult was also detained at the scene.”

A friend of the victim who did not want to be identified tells KMIR the couple was riding a side by side off road vehicle and the woman shot is a nurse and would never threaten an officer.

Muñoz says armed officers patrol the federal lands and it’s important before you go off roading to know where you’re going, “Before you go out and use those vehicles to make sure that you are driving them in a place where it’s allowed … sometimes people go out and assume that it’s okay so we just encourage you to do some homework.”

Muñoz says the officer is on administrative leave until the investigation is complete.

We reached out to the Bureau of Land Management who deferred us to RSO who is charged with investigating this shooting but did send us helpful links to off-roading and maps.

Tread Lightly


Riverside County Sheriff’s Off Road Maps


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I am not sure about that area, but all the BLM officers I know here in Vegas area wear body cams. So if it is a national standard, there should by video.


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Berdoo canyon is a no-OHV area, especially if they crossed into Joshua Tree National Park. Still no reason to shoot at them unless the driver of the OHV tried to run over the BLM ranger. This will be interesting.

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Is the Off Road Lives Matter movement starting now?!?!?!!?


Slightly different wording. It would appear the BLM is keeping a pretty good lid on this one.



JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK — A Bureau of Land Management officer shot a woman just outside the border of Joshua Tree National Park Sunday night, June 10.
The officer shot the woman, who has not been identified, shortly before 11 p.m. in the area of Berdoo Canyon Road east of Dillon Road, according to a Riverside County sheriff’s report.

National park spokesman George Land said the shooting occured on BLM land near the park border and was connected to an investigation of off-roading in the park.

Park rangers were chasing a person on an off-road vehicle inside the park, Land said.

They called for assistance from BLM officers.

A BLM officer responding to the call fired his or her weapon at a woman and man at an ORV; it is not clear from the news release if their vehicle was the one rangers were following and no further details have been released.

The woman was hit with a bullet and was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. A man was detained at the scene.

No officers were hurt.

The Riverside County sheriff’s central homicide unit responded to the scene and assumed control of the investigation.

The Sheriff’s Department is not going to release the names of the suspects or the officer during the investigation, according to a statement.

The BLM officer who shot the woman has been placed on administrative leave in accordance with department policy.