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Large Shock Dyno


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Can you provide any other info? Scotch yoke linkage? 4 or 5HP electric motor? How much shaft travel? What shaft speeds are you able to attain? What are you using for a load cell? What about data acquisition - potentiometer, software?
Hi, our shock dyno uses an extremely long push mechanism with roller bearings eliminating the need for the scotch yoke, because of our slight angle change. We use a reduction gear setup with either 3 phase(standard) or single phase. Has over 182 ft lbs of torque. We are very flexible on our dyno and can very the shaft speed max and shaft travel max, but standard figures are 5" max shaft travel, 5 in per sec max shaft speed. Our dyno uses a pancake load cell rated to 10,000 lb. Our push/pull cells maintain accuracy to three decimal places from 0 to 10,000 lbs. Our dyno's are are available wit multi channel data acquisition, force, shaft velocity, shock temperature (either strap on therm o-couple or infra red scope), room temp, .... etc. Produces quality graphs of force vs velocity with any and all other selected parameters displayed. Room to input notes, such as, valving shim thickness, adjustment settings, or shaft position. Standard model will accept shocks up to 18" travel indicate if your shock exceeds this max. Very strong durable setup that relocates easily. Feel free to ask any questions that you may have.
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