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Jul 30, 2020
Corona California
Recently we wrote an article on the return of the Roseanne Trophy Truck that formerly belonged to Class 8 legend Dave Shoppe. If you haven’t read it, you should make sure you add it to your list and read it here. While Race-Dezert was out there, Dave’s former Co-driver Larry Maddox showed up in his General Tire Chevy Prerunner. This truck is so unique we thought it deserves its own feature. But as you are reading this, you may notice it does not look like a Chevy at all because it is in disguise. Yes, it is not a Ford F150; it is indeed a Chevy C10 pickup cut up and transformed to look like an F150 to fit in with the Ford Racing program. But when we first saw it, we thought it was indeed a Ford, but upon further inspection of the cab and engine, you can figure out it is not a Ford. But why would Larry build a Chevy to look like a Ford? This is the story of Larry Maddox’s C10 and its...

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