Larry Roeseler Still Taking Youngsters to the Woodshed


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At the Oaktown Grand Prix at Live Oak Springs yesterday, veteran off roader Larry Roeseler saddled up on his trusty Kawi and showed the young'ins what it was all about. Dominating and winning the early Senior and Vets class heats in the morning, it looked like showdown at Live Oaks Corral. LR would be pitted against supercrosser Jake Oswald and other Dist 38 young guns in the final Open class moto.

After a wild start, Oswald took the lead with LR in tow. Oswald was on fire and gradually put the distance on the Baja champ and Trophy Truck pro. Oswald took the checkers, but LR had a good digger on the last lap. Dist 38's Cameron Corfman took 2nd. LR looked like he tweaked his back - hope all is good for Primm.

LR is the STUD.



LR is still like 28 years old --- kids don't have a chance -- :cool:


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Hmm I wonder if his back will be ok for Primm? ;) Do you think Norman can do it by himself? :D


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I raced on Saturday and the track was so much fun
cant wait for the next one :D:D:D:D
and big high 5 to LR for kicking butt