Las Vegas idea's


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Las Vegas idea\'s

I'm finally going to Las Vegas for the first time this weekend. I'm staying in the Flamigo Hilton. What are the hots spots i should check out while i'm there?

Thanks, Sean


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Re: Las Vegas idea\'s

#1 clubs
#2 drink
#3 gamble
#4 Food

That's what i want to know the best off.


Jerry Maguire
Re: Las Vegas idea\'s

(1) Light (Bellagio), Rain and Ghost Bar (Palms), Studio 54 (MGM), Babies (Hard Rock)

(2) See above

(3) Don't gamble but I think the Bellagio has one of the nicest casinos

(4) The Buffet at The Rio, P.F. Changs at The Aladdin, Dre's for late night, Pink Taco at the Hard Rock.

Have Fun!

John Bitting

Re: Las Vegas idea\'s

as far as food, The Rio has a great buffet for reasonable price.

Mandelay bay has a nice one but is rather pricey now.

Clubs, Rain and Sky Bar at the Palms, trendy but fun.

Coyote Ugly in New York New York is fun to people watch in. Its free before 8:30.

Most taxi drivers will sale you club passes to bypass most lines so ask when you get in the cabs, know where you want to go because they will tell you where they get a kickback from only not what is actually the best.


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Re: Las Vegas idea\'s

"Rain" or Ghost Bar at the Palms is the place ! I don't think there is a single ugly girl that goes there !!!



Krittro Campbell
Re: Las Vegas idea\'s

for gambling...go to Sahara, only tables in Nevada that have $1 black jack...a few months back I sat at a table for 9 hours straight only taking piss breaks. You will spend more tipping the waitress every 20 mintues for the cold heineken then you will lose playing dollar black jack. I left the table with 20 bucks less then I had came with for 9 hours of gambling and a shat load of heinekens...cant go wrong at the Sahara. Cocktail servers are good eye candy as well.


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Re: Las Vegas idea\'s

Hard Rock Cafe is pretty good for scenery and clubbin. U know what I mean when I say scenery


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Re: Las Vegas idea\'s

You have to rent the scooters durring the day! They are about $30 for an hour plus you have to put a security deposit down. Those were so much fun to ride down the strip for an hour while nothing is going on!