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Laughlin Party

The 3rd Annual Race-Dezert.com get together will once again be in the Ramada Express in the choo choo bar(?) on Friday night. We plan on being there around 8:00 until everyone has went to bed. As usual we will accept donations to help out with beer costs but they are not necessary for you to come by and hang out. Everyone is invited. If you are not old enough, just dont grab a beer. See everyone Friday night at the Ramada Express.. If you have any questions you can PM me or e-mail [email protected]


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as my team does not drink... water, we'll see you there

when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!
Trey, RDC crew is back the same choo choo bar on Saturday night. Its just a lot fewer people since most racers are either wrenching, or getting ready for Sunday, But come by we will be hanging out.


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That is a pretty funny typo AllwaysRcn.


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Most likely the blue water, Hopefully there will be some breeze next week our it may take a few beer to get the dust out.


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party was at the casino on last friday night before the pre run. there was a pretty good band that played linkin park, staind, 3 doors down and creed. thursday night it will be at the casino, and friday I am not sure about. I have heard there may be a party in downtown parker, where a street in front of a bar might be blocked off, but I dont know for sure (possibly the casino or the gauntlet as well?) I will be in bed so it really doesnt matter to me. saturday night, the party is at the gauntlet for sure though. it gets pretty wild.

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Ok, so far we have PCI pitching in $100 and team Powell at $50.
RDC itself will do $100 and perhaps more if the situation asks for more....

Corporate off-road America ! its your turn now....

Friday night, Laughlin, cho cho bar.


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I would love to buy a round. However, that would lead to another round and another. We race at 8:15AM the next day! See you there. I'll see what I have left after sign up and bring what I have left to contribute.

John, you should have some stick on name tags available and a felt pen. That way people can get to know each other by face and name. Just an idea. How about giving the job of name tags to someone? How about it Jen? Cheryl?



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We'll be there Friday. I'd be happy to be in charge of name tags, if John & Klaus will appoint the job to me. Let me know and I'll pick some up before we head out.

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