Laughlin's Weekend of Wheels


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Laughlin\'s Weekend of Wheels

September 7-9th there will be a huge car show in Laughlin. The promotor of the event is the same company who is putting on the Xtreme International Short Course series. Perhaps because of that they are including some offroad classes!!! There will be a buggy class and also three different prerunner classes. We are organizing and promoting the prerunner classes so please check it out and consider entering your truck. The entry fee is $49 and you get a $5 discount if you mention Inland Prerunners. Rooms at the Pioneer will be about 50 bucks for the whole weekend and you should book as early as possible. This could be a very fun weekend!!! Send me an email if you are interested in entering your truck (anything from nearly stock to full-blown prerunner). The website is <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> if you want more info. The prerunner classes are listed as 4-link suspension (will be changed to "linkage suspension"), coil-overs, and stock shocks (that should read "stock-style suspension"...they're fixing it). Give me some feedback on this ok? I know I can always count on the DeZert People for that! Thanks in advance!

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