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Team Lawrence Equipment and Mikey Lawrence and Blake kicked butt at the 500 by winning Class 10 with about 30 minutes to spare, and maintain the points lead in Class in SCORE. They were also 16th Overall!

Team Letner, Kory and Harley managed to win by about 2 minutes the heavily contested Class 1 even though they suffred brake problems for three-quarters of the race. They finished 8th Overall and no brakes!.

The COPS Class 1 car also finished in the hunt even though they, too, had problems.

And rounding out the CHECKERS contingency of entries (4), Childress (Class 22), after a crash with a spectator, finished in the top five!

Photos: Letners about to move from 5th to 4th at Borrego, Mikey at RM396, and Kory and Mikey (where is Harley???) celebrating after the race. Team Lawrence Equipment and Team Letner.

That's Checkers power! Thanks to everyone who helped.


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Hell yeah. Mikey , Blake, Kory and Harley. I knew you guys were in the top of your game. COngrats to you both. Travel safe and look forward to the post 500 party


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Congratulations to Kory and Harley, 2 of the fastest drivers/Gentlemen I have had the pleasure to know. Way to push up the points, Boys. Big BFI props go your wayAlso congrats to 119 Ron Brant for a good finish in his Jimco, wish I could have helped you out at the drylake, Roger


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Don't forget props to Fotty and Sergio.
Sorry, I left those two out. Actually, I left many people out and I also left out two key elements for each team: Joel for the Lawrence Team and Henry for the Letner Team. Without those two and a number of others it would have not been possible.

It was a great weekend for us all. Now we're tackling Vegas to Reno. It's going to be awesome!

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Congratulations to the Checkers cars for good prep and not breaking, it made the Erindira pit a "honk and wave" affair.

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Hey look under the who will win the 500 and I think I was the only one that picked Harley and Korry. Great job to Letner racing and hats off to HENRY the man behind the seen that never gets any credit.Good job Mikeeeeee also