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Ohh what a night...I finaly got the full version of leadfoot, that by itself is nice, caus enow you can tune your vehicle and you have all these new tracks..but I also discovered the online player mode.. nothing like playimg against 10 humans over the net.

all players from all over the world duking it out.

BTW. The demo version is ok for online playing. Limited to two tracks though.

go to gamespy.com and download the arcade interface that lets you setup the games.

Leadfoot is pretty big and I am considering a new forum just for the game.

I met some people online while playing and the swap setup secrets, have teams, skins etc...

Sp who is all playing ? Lets duke it out online. Not now.. cause I need some sleep... but soon.


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There is another game out now for Playstation 2 called Gran Turismo 3. I had both of the first 2 and they were great but this by far is better than the first 2. There is road track racing and also rally racing. It has I dont know how many real cars from like 25 different car companies from around the globe. In order to race better races you have to go to driving school and get your licenses, but in order to compete at these higher levels you must have a fast car which you must save your money on the lower levels to buy parts for. It is by far the best driving game I have ever played and if you have a Playstation 2 or know someone who does, this game is a must have before you get any other games. I also here that there is a game coming out later this year for playstation 2 called Paris to Dakar rally. Sounds pretty cool but we will see.


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i'm all over it. set some race days and times, and count me in....
i haven't stopped playing it since i got it. i dig driving the fastest of the 3 buggies the best. it just handles awesome. i'm okay with the trucks, as long as the damage mode is turned off-a couple of innocent nerfs, and i'm either DQ'd or nursing the engine...


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There is another game that is very good, it is called Motocross Madness 2. Be careful, it is very addicting. Has all kinds of tracks and skins. Also has a large following of online players. It is the best off road game in my opinion. I recommend this game for everyone who likes off road. It also has a baja section on the game which is really cool. I prefer the nationals style of racing. Check it out and come to www.zone.com</A> and race....


I am on from 10pm till I feel guilty. user name 'rdc'.
I have to overcome some monitor / video card issues though and i tboots me out in between the rounds so I loose my points. I played at Pauls place the other night and I perfomed better then from home. Same network connection, same cpu/speed/memory/hdd etc. It must be the seating ergonomics and video-setup.

Sa far I only played the advance truck.
How do the buggies compare ? better handling but less engine grunt ?


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Motorcoss madness is not on PS2, but there is a game called ATV Quad Fury that is. It is very similar to motorcross madness, but in my opinion is a lot better. Also check out Gran Tuismo 3, it is awesome.


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Hey Klaus and John, have you thought about opening up a board just for video games, I think it would be great.
Yeah if anything set up a time or something where we could race. i.e. mm2 has the zone and you can have a private room where only you and your friends can enter and race.

victor fabian
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I didn't know this many people were into racing video games.
I bought MCM (Motocross Madness) when it first came out. If you buy
the sidewinder controller it comes with the MCM game. That controller
is the ultimate. It has tilt-steering where you just have to tilt to the right
to turn right, left to turn left, and it's all completely analog (so you can
turn just a little bit if you want/need to). Then when MCM2 came out,
I got that right away too. What an improvement over the original. So
when they announced that Rainbow Studios (the maker of MCM and MCM2)
was releasing ATV Off-Road Fury for PS2, I was stoked to say the
least. I've passed that game like 5 or 6 times already, and I still love
playing it. And it has 4-player racing capability too!!! So you can invite
over 3 friends, and throw digital dirt in their faces when you're blasting
around the berms.

And now I'm working on GT3. It's a HUGE game. It's gonna take me months to
finish it. You gotta see it in S-video too. Sometimes, if you tilt your head just
right and blink, the replays in GT3 look like real life racing coverage on ESPN or
Speedvision. Okay, gotta go, this post is way too long.


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i can burn up a few copies of leadfoot, if anyone wants 'em. i was told a burned copy won't play unless you have a special type of software to un-encrypt it, but i made a copy and played it on my girlfriend's computer, and it worked fine, so maybe?? lemme know, folks...

maybe because i can't seem to get my finger off the throttle button, but yeah, the buggies do seem to handle better...not quite as fast, but since i can keep it on 4 wheels, and going straight, i get some pretty good laps. the gamespy thing confuses me a bit. what exactly do i need to get from it?? the game has a multiplayer mode, that you have to be online to access--what's that all about?? do i still need to go to the gamespy site??


If the demand is there.. sure why not open a forum just for games.
For now lets keep it right here and then once it gets to big we move it.

ok.. just got home... see you on games spy's networkz
Hey Klaus,

Have you achieved sponsorship by Off-Road.com yet?

Seriously, I should play this game. We were on the beta schedule and off course our title is listed on banners and the sponsorship section. Unfortunately, I would have to give up my work on the "new" Baja.net to allow time for ths game.

Hated by Eco-Freaks and Bob Yen.


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I've downloaded the demo....but am finding it impossible to begin the program. When I try to start, I get the hresult ERROR. no prob, i just go to the options box and check the appropriate box, right? WRONG!!the error goes away but somehow the illegal operation window comes up and closes the program. Anyone have any clues on what I can do or what i'm doing wrong?

thanks in advance.....mike


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Check out this site from a good buddy from Motocross Madness 1. http://mc-software.net/TOS/GenRes.asp</A> . It is a recorder so you can accumulate points and race your buds or against the rest of the world. It is gonna support Motocross madness 2 and Dirt Track Racer also Leadfoot. Its alot of fun and those of you that remember Xtimes from MCM1 , it was alot of fun. It records both online and offline and gives you points. Pat Chicas and I have raced a few times on MCM2 and its a blast. Pat, waitin for ya on the zone bro....Its alot of fun and we have tournements as well. Lots of cool tracks to download and best of all its free. Except for the buying of the game if you dont get it from a hack site. If ya try it, give those guys who make the killer tracks and bike/rider skins a pat on the back. It takes time to do that. See ya in the dez and on the zone...........RMR_Vtr_Racing is what I use for MCM2. Come join us and have fun...Marc Choquette
Hey Marc,

Sorry I'm not on the zone more often. Just too much going on right now. We used to have some awesome races with a good amount of dez racers/fans involved.

I do urge everyone to buy these games. Both leadfoot and MCM2 can be had for under $20 now.

See you all at PRIMM. We should be setup at contengency. I might bring a little nitro truck down to entertain.

Hated by Eco-Freaks and Bob Yen.


Play with the options editor. You can enable or disbale certain options upon startup. I had to play with it to make it work right.

Try to run the latest direct-x (version 8 and/or 8a) on winblows2000.

Make sure you have a stable system to begin with. Playing games will just add more stress to you machine. If it crashed before you will have problems playing.

Just like the real world. If your car doesn't run right during city drive don't event think about racing it. Fix it first.

Btw the full version is only $20. Not too bad.


I only play online...and if offline just to learn a certain track or dial in the truck.

No championshio yet = No sponsorship, but i saw that orc is on the back cover.

I talked to them while they where doing the game. They asked some q's. I guess I should have pushed harder to get a rdc hookup...but ohh well.