LEADNAV GPS - Video Lessons - Basic Race Setup


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We put these together for a few teams prepping for the V2R...figured you all would enjoy them.

First set of video lessons for LeadNav GPS built for the iPad and iPhone.

Lessons 1-4 cover basic LeadNav GPS features. The In App Pro Pack subscription which is designed specifically for racing is not needed for this video series.

Race Prep - The Basics
Lesson 1 - Importing Race Files - Lesson 2 Converting Tracks to Routes

Race Prep - The Basics
Lesson 3 - Pre Race Route Editing

Race Prep - The Basics
Lesson 4 - Saving Map Imagery

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...car to car proximity warning.
A new device called Rally Comp has been developed and is being put to it's first race test this month in Baja. It does timing and scoring (VCP/WPM and speed zone) internally as well as other functions useful to a race organizer. Results are downloaded wirelessly at the finish line. Very handy for both traditional off-road racing and cross-country rally. As you can see, this is not a LeadNav type GPS with screen so it's not useful for that function. It's more of an augmentation to what LeadNav has.

Also, Volocore is developing a device similar to the Rally Comp that will also do timing, scoring, proximity warning, plus live tracking (SPOT/inReach style) and more.

Lots of cool stuff coming down the pike!

I love the LeadNav capability with satellite imagery on the GPS screen AND race oriented features!