LEADNAV KOH17 Race Overlays


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We are announcing a new capability with our latest LEADNAV GPS update....Overlays.

We have been working on the King of Hammers Routes for a few weeks and have now embedded the race itself into a new Overlay feature available for LEADNAV. This race prepped package is available on our hardware store under Race Event Products.

KOH17 Map Bundle - by LEADNAV

This separates Race/Event/Trail mapping from your actual GPS Collection to make things a lot cleaner. You can toggle between trail map style overlays per race event...trail system... while being transparent you can still use our Pro Pack to save out any background base map imagery you might want to have offline.

You can still import the standard race GPX files into LEADNAV straight from Ultra4 but I think you will be pretty impressed with this new overlay concept.

We will also be announcing a ton of new capabilities from our support booth at KOH in Hammertown.

Taking off tomorrow....lot more going on but gotta run!

Stop in and see us!