Leaf Spring - 4 Link conversion 1989 bronco 302


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I want to get away from leaf springs and upgrade to the handling and extra travel of 4 link. the only kit I can find is from solo and its pricey. was wondering if someone could help me out with some geometry or math to help me fab one up myself. photos of anything others have done would be greatly appreciated or links to other threads I couldn't find ( I've been looking for 3 hours I promise I don't start a thread all willy nilly. looked on here and fullsizebronco and pirate4x4. maybe im blind) looking to get around 18 in travel.
things I think I need to figure out are height of the Axle upper and lower links, angle of the links lengths of the links, where on the links to mount coilovers.
looking for higher speeds than a rock crawler setup