Leaf Spring Help On A Yota

I need some help. I'm about to do the rear on my 89 Yota. I've got a pair of 62" Deavers, Destroy Shackles, New Front Hangers, and Everything else to do the job. My problem is I don't know how far forward to move the front hanger and where to mount the shackle. I called around and most shops that I talked to wouldn't give me the info I needed or explined it really poorly. So any help on the correct way to install these and how to get the correct measurements would be great. Austin, I know you and Dan did this on the back of his Yota. Exact parts. What did you do and if you could tell me what measurements you got. Thank you in advance.


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On my 94, i used Total Chaos front hangers, and butted them up in front of the stock mounts with the bolt offset towards the front of the truck. This was with 62" Nationals.

I went through the frame for the rear mount so that doesnt help you.


Just try moving the front hanger towards the cab about 3", tack weld it on. Move the shackle hanger back a few inches and tack weld it on, then cylce the suspenion and see what it does. You want it so the shackle won't hit the frame at full compression, and at full droop you don't want the shackle going past vertical.

The key is patience, and cycling your leaf springs. I attached a picture of what my shackle looks like at ride hieght (on a tacoma)

Also return your shackle, get a refund, buy the material for $50 and make one yourself


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Trial and error, thats what cycling suspension is for. At full bump you want the axle directly under the bump stop. That should tell you where to mount the front hanger. Position the rear mount so that at full droop the shackle is pretty much straight up and down and at full bump it clears everything. That pretty much sums it up, to keep it simple & short.

Take time to set it up right the first time.

Hope that helps.



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i did the rear of dans truck. all the toyotas seem to come out different, so you dont want to copy anyone elses. and our spring and nationals are different lengths, so definitely dont copy from someone with nationals. here is how it needs to be:

at full droop the driveshaft should have about 1/2 an inch left before it bottoms out. the shackle should be straight up and down.
this is what i do:
put the front hanger on the spring, put a bolt through it (no you dont need to tighten it or even put a nut on it). put the shackle on the rear the same. attach the spring to the axle with ubolts. now you can slide the axle forward or back to get the driveshaft where it needs to be, you can tack the shackle mount, and tack the front hanger. take good measurements from a fixed object to the center of the bolt on the hanger and shackle mount and tack the other side together using those measurements. now make sure it all lines up right and weld it up. if you have the destroy shackles, they are plenty long so you shouldnt have any problems hitting the frame.
another thing that gets missed a lot is aligning the mounts. before you weld the mounts all up, its a good idea to get a big 9/16" rod to put through the 2 mounts to make sure they are lined up. same for the rear. this will help out with bushing wear.
let me know if i missed anything. you can call and talk to either me or jeff at the shop (714) 542-3703.

good luck