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i've got a leaf spring/ride height question...

i've recently added a set of 62 inch springs to my toyota. before i got them, i weighed the ass end of the truck...came in at 1310 lbs. went to a truck scale, only weighed with the rears tires on, truck about 1/2 way on the scale (as instructed by the spring guy). spring guy says he will build springs for roughly 1400 lbs, for when the cage is done. put springs on truck before cage...way stinkbug...like 14 inches compression (top of axle to bumpstop...used to be about 9), 4 inches of droop. took out 2 leaves (i know, i'm a sinner)...ditched the bed and built cage, with 32 gal fuel cell (had a 22 gal cell before, so only 10 more gallons of fuel weight...), another spare tire, plus tubing. truck now sits about 12 inches from axle to bumpstop.

point is, i'd like it to be lower (another 2 inches or more would be wonderful). i don't necessarily want to de-arch the springs, because that'll take out some droop, won't it? the shackle isn't binding, or at a bad (vertical) angle. shackle is currently through the frame, although i understand that running a slightly longer shackle above the frame helps out in this department, so it's in the works....springs still can compress...don't want to take out more leaves...dammit, i paid for a full set on each side, i should be able to use 'em!!!

were they possibly built too stiff, like for more than 1400 lbs? what are everyone else's numbers with toyotas running 62's?

any and all help is appreciated


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Nationals I take it? Play around with a new shackle length or hangar location unless you want to pull more leafs out.



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On my 85 Toy, i installed a set of 62s with generic spring rates(off the shelf at Weld Tec). I had 11" from axle to frame when installed with glass(no bed) gas tank relocated to rear. I had to take 2 leaves out per side to make it sit and ride half way decent. Then i made a dual tire carrier and rear bumper and it was totally caddilac. Loved it.

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I have a set of 62" Deavers and I am sitting stink bug as well. I have 32 gallon cell, 2 spares, full bedcage and I have about 12-13" of compression and 7-8" of droop. I plan on just bringing it to Deaver soon and having them dearch it a little bit. As far as I know it doesn't decrease any droop, just brings the back down a bit.