Leaf spring rake/angle.


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May 9, 2009
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Hawthorne NV
Is there an ideal leaf angle for front axle and the rear axle of leaf spring trucks?
I am building my old 84 1 ton axled short bed, 440 powered Dodge for well every thing. I want it to get across the desert better than average but not race speeds. I have already put 52 inch stock/ modified rear leafs on the front. There is a old Walker Evans R/C pre runner in town and it is running 56 front springs and 64 rear it works well for what I would want I just dont have the coin for deavers or nationals yet.

So my question is should I rake front springs up in front so the suspension will absorb the impact more OR should it lift the truck more by flattening the angle?

I have noticed the OEMs have varied leaf front to rear eyelet angles. Early GMs had the rear leafs font eye way down I believe this was for a locating/anti wrap bar effect from the front segment? any input? I believe this suspension swings up and forward with this design? I see that the off road community leaves this front eye mount alone and goes to a compression shackle design and with the same springs they ride and wheel way better,so this makes it swing less forward? correct? Ford and Dodge seem to have kept the REAR AXLEs front spring eye and the shackle to frame pivot at the same height where as GMs front is 4 inches below its rear shackle pivot. ANY INFO ON THIS TOPIC APPRECIATED.