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leaf springs


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I'm still waiting for some of you high tech knowledgeable fab guys for some help.I know someone can help me out.thats what its about right.I have a cool F150 , that Iwould like to put urethane bushings in so it can really work. So how the heck do you get those old bushings out.Also I need some tig welding on my custom push bar, i need someone who can weld damn good.I will even pay.thank you.


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you just have to pound the bushings out with a hammer once its in a vice

do you need to have tig done or can it be mig

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the easy way is to melt them out....
its a mess but the hammer way is a bitch...hard to pound out rubber...

when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!


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I've put a large socket that's close to the inner eyelet diameter and the leafspring in a vice with a short pipe on that other end to push the bushing into and clamped down. Applied a little heat to the eyelet and it slid right out. Not nearly enough heat to do much to the metal but enough to warm up the bushing.

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