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Leaf Springs


Krittro Campbell
I was wondering what the difference was between National's and a Deaver Race Pack. I got quoted a price of 485 for the deavers and U bolts, but I have seen Nationals for 350. IS there a difference? What?



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Don't go into private mode I was looking for the answer as well

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There is no differnce....maybe just that Deaver is smaller and can take care of the customer a little better.


John Bitting

My first truck ran nationals and I got springs. That was it.. They were wrong, so I took them to deaver and they took care of it. But Nationals do not come with bushings or sleeves or u bolts to fit. Deaver does supply you with that stuff and as Kreg says does go the extra mile to help make sure they are perfect. Jeff of Deaver actually stopped me at Primm to see how my springs fit and were working out. That is pretty cool..


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I have no 1st hand experience but one of my friends talked with both of them and he went with the Deaver springs also because over the phone they seemed more personal and willing to help and go into detail to acheive what he wanted.

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will Deaver re-arc Nationals? I have an old set and they are almost flat...



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Deaver will re-work almost anything. Jeff, Gary and the rest of the guys down at Deaver are the best. We need more vendors like them in the sport, they remember who the little guys are. They do and have gone the EXTRA MILE for myself and my team. Kris, don't be a CHEAP A$$, and spend a little extra....

If you guys read this it will be a miracle but national sucks... they build a quality product but customer service is down the sh*tter you would like national if you are not in a hurry to get your springs Like 6+ monthes and then if you want them to I failed high school up your arch and want your springs way to damn stiff dont make the mistake i did i went through national and now i have to pay more money to get deaver to re arch them to a 0 inch lift from a 3 and to get there little anti axle wrap thingy can deaver do this and if so how much

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kreg: there sure is hell is a difference between deaver and national. you know that. we are proud of our customer service as well.

tigger: its easiest if we can see the spring, so we can assess how worn it is. and you cant arc a spring up if the memory isnt there. the second you put weight on it, it goes right back where it was.

offroad jihad: i dont exactly understand your post, but hey give us a call and we'll figure it out. (714) 542-3703.

just so its known, deaver and national are friends, not enemies. in fact we have pictures up at the shop from primm of jeff and ron norton (the head spring designer at national) hanging out. and both of are shops look like barns :p


ps- we will be at barstow for contingency, stop by and say hi. ill have my truck out there to do a little testing on my Baja Shop j-arm frontend. itll stand out its the one with the bitchin front half, and then the really crappy (homemade) rear cage with no bedsides.


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Hey I just picked my springs up last week for my F-150 from Deaver. After putting them on this last weekend it didn't have the ride height I wanted. So I took them off and took them back to Deaver this week and the re-arched them for me, no problem and it only took a day cause they were busy. They are what I want and am very pleased with the customer service at Deaver. Thanks guys!!!

drtdevil93: I saw your truck there too. The front end looks bitchen. I liked the glass too. If I dont see you guys at contignecy, tell Jeff that Steve with the F-150 said thanks for setting me up. You guys rock!!