On Topic Leaking Rack and Pinion on a Funco Gen 3

Brett Maverick

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New to the site,

I picked up a Funco Gen 3 last year and it's started leaking from the passenger side of the rack. Making quite a mess and I need to get it fixed.
I'm pretty sure it's a Ford Mustang rack, but it's hard to source a seal kit or rebuilt rack without a little more info on it.
Anyone know the particulars on these racks?
I'd rather replace it than rebuild it if that's a reasonable option.




That casting number SPR-CT suggests (older) Mustang. If you don't rebuild that one you'll end up with an "ugly" remanufactured rack. That one looks like it has had some polish work put into it to make it pretty. You said you wanted to replace it... now might be the time to upgrade to a newer (better) rack. The Mustang guys and gals have been tinkering with different racks for years. Either contact Funco or a Mustang specialist for options. The newer racks might require different length tie rods which might not be something you want to mess with.