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Leaking Shocks


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Hello guys. I bought my first pre-runner not to long ago. After going through the motor and trany, adding a fuel cell etc I am finally getting some driving time on it. This 1987 Ranger was the on-going project of a friend of mine Spike Orta. Anyway, this ranger has a cantalever suspension settup in the rear fabbed by Craig Stewart. This was used to prevent losing use of the pickup bed. This setup has 6 bilstein shocks mounted in a rack horozontally. At least 4 of these shocks leak. Now to my question. Do I have to see the Bilstein dude to have them re-built or do others perform this service.

The front end also has fox external res shocks that need rebuilding. Can one shop do it all?

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We can do all of them dude... Just pop them in the mail to me or run them down one weekend. We service all shocks at DRE Even mike Smith shocks... Pretty much everything. If you want to change any valving its a good Idea to run the truck and video tape it going through the whoop and send it with the shocks... We can make changes from what we see on the tape...We handle the shock service for teams like Criag Turner, Martyn Atkins, Ect. Let me know (714) 632-3033



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Whoever you have rebuild your shocks, make sure they pay special attention to the surface finish on the rods. (I assume that's where they are leaking...) If there are nicks or scratches just stuffing some fresh seals in it is probably only a short term solution. Sometimes the rods can be polished but if they go too far undersized, you'll need to grind them and hard chrome them back to size or get some new ones. Lots of times I see racers pay no attention to the sealing surface on stuff like shocks and spend lots of time and money on seals with no reliability.

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