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Paul Branham

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Always loved the Baja style racing and think owning a car some time would be amazing. I joined RDC to learn whatever I can and maybe find the right vehicle that I can play around in and maybe even participate in one of the small races.

Currently I have a few motorcycles and a 911 turbo that entertain me, but there is still an open space in the garage so.... (This is what I keep telling my wife.)

Always looking for advice/guidance, so feel free to share.
A UTV will probably be the best at this time. Lots of local races, as well as classes at the big events.

Good luck and have fun!

And welcome to rdc!


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Coming from any type of Bike background, you will be wanting to move out of a stock class. Pick one where rules at the next level have been in-place for awhile, and general budgets. You are learning but not having to innovate to stay competitive. Preparation, Travel, Driving, Surviving,