Leatt Moto R vs R3

D. Freeman

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I just raced with a Leatt for the first time and am happy with it. I have not used an R3. I like that the Leatt has provisions to run the belts through to keep them in place. The sliding tether system allows full left to right movement so you dont feel that restricted. It has a quick disconnect for the tether system located on the back operated by a lever. The front and rear helmet stops are adjustable and the brace can be removed from either side or by removing the whole front piece. The back part didnt feel that uncomfortable in a suspension seat. The first time I wore the brace I was pretty comfy, I expected to have to learn to deal with it but its not that bad. It is harder getting in and out mainly due to the fact that with a helmet on you cannot see the belts or adjusters and are pretty much strapping in by braille.