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LeDuc Swapmeet


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I wish I could make it one of these times but it’s a long way from Denver.

I have a brand new HOWEE Steering Rack for sale. (HOWEE PN 103 - 3.0 X 4.5.

It’s the same one used in 6100’s except it’s got one size smaller shaft. At some point they went with a larger shaft.

It’s brand new and I only want $1000 for it. NEVER USED. Still in box from HOWEE!

PM me if interested.

iam 6.5 hours north of you you ever go to deer trail when it was open?


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Venue was great. LOTS of parking, the grass was a nice change over asphalt and dirt to walk aisles. Food choices in the casino were WAY better than Saboba, and much less expensive than Morongo. Had plenty of rooms for vendors, to not have to put people selling in the middle of aisles. Expanding into the grass south of the area used, if it was available, would provide a ton more space.