Lesson last night.


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I call the boy on my way home last night and say
Me "Meet me out front"
Boy "Why?"
Me "Time to get used to a clutch, shifting, 2 wheel drive, & throttle steering."
Boy "Why"
Me " ;) Trust me, you need to know"
Boy ":D Sweet"

Now, he's only 14 but I guess racing a UTV for 2 years and MX for 6 translates into ones ability to drive a pick up on the street to the dirt roads outside of Alpine well enough that I accuse him of stealing my Tacoma and going for joy rides with his little buddy's at night.

Boy ";):cool:"
Me "Punk"

So as we get to the end of Anderson (dirt road) and me yelling at him the whole time to go faster he goes to turn around when "pop" and the RF is in the dirt.
I thought that Toyota made a quality product but was extremly disappointed to see a ball joint had seperated with only 200,000 miles on it.....

No cell service, no tools, sun going down, & too far to walk we put it back together with a small jack, binder chain, a rock, and drive it out far enough to meet a friend and his good buddy trailer. Good lesson for him to work with what he has a hand to get out of a break down situation.

Whats this story have to do with Short Course?


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maybe a buggy or pro-lite coming your way? nice Doug and Code.

BTW Glad you guys did not roll or some crap. :eek:



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There's a recall on the upper ball joints. I can't tell which one broke from looking at the picture, but if it's the upper, have the kiddo drive it into the dealers service dept.

"I broke my dads truck, and some guy on the internet said you could fix it for free..."


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"I broke my dads truck, and some guy on the internet said you could fix it for free..."
That works for me every time!


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He is going to be running a Prolite or something cool.


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Awesome DOug!! Love your little stories!!! We will miss you in the Underground but will love to see Code play with the big boys!