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As we did at the last race of the season, ON December 14th entries open for the PURE “100” UTV Race #1 - January 14th.
Our starting order is BY CLASS using postmark date, and/or e-mail/fax date and time. In other words, by “Post Mark.”
This format proved effective and easier for all, including racers and staff when “staging.”
Only those who signed up on Friday before the race or on race day would be relegated to the back of the pack.

Remember: Whether you are first off the line or dead last, it doesn’t matter because you are racing on your own time.
Yes, you will be in a bit of dust but by using the 30-second interval you won’t have as much. In January, in Cal City, there’s no dust. Jejeje.
17-Awards Program - Dec2.JPG
17-Awards Program - Dec2-P2.jpg

BIG THING TO REMEMBER: The race start has been moved back one hour to 10 A.M.

First off the line leaves at exactly 10:00:00 a.m.
2nd 10:00:30
3rd 10:01:00
4th 10:01”30
And so on.

Attached are the flyer and entry form and info on that evening's 2016 Awards Banquet..

Lois and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year! May God give you all that you deserve.

Lois and Lou


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Here is the current start order for the PURE 100, Saturday, Jan 14 at 10 a.m.:

All those who sent their entry have received their GPS and Google Earth file to help with the pre-run this weekend. You also get an event t-shirt per entry. And here is the starting order:

10.00.00 #1004

10.00.30 #1005

10.01.00 #1001

10.01.30 #1002

10.02.00 #1000

10.02.30 #1017

10.03.00 #1036

10.03.30 #1008

10.04.00 #1037

10.04.30 #1039

10.05.00 #2003

10.05.30 #2004

10.06.00 #2005

10.06.30 #2006

10.07.00 #2007

10.07.30 #1075

10.08.00 #1077

10.08.30 #1054

10.09.00 #1099

10.09.30 #1078

10.10.00 #1079

10.10.30 #1063

10.11.00 #1056

10.11.30 #500