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Lets get this forum going!


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Hey... we gotta get this forum going.... and I think we really need to get our chat room going again for the wednesday night chats.... that was always fun..... I don't wanna see UP wither away.... and who can't wait for the next ROR event!!!!


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one more thing.... who else is interested in running a points series like we did two years ago... with a awards dinner at the end. I think if people are in for the points... that there will be more people showing up at the races. Voice your opinion!


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thanks alex... I hadn't really heard of anyone using it....


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Good post Ryan, you have no idea how excited I am for the first ROR EVENT APRIL 2ND!!!!! Best part is, that is my week long break for school, perfect timing! :) Only problem is the date set so far says it is on the same day as the second MDR race this year, what is up with that? I know the Gagnon's usually try to plan around everyone elses events to get as many racers and spectators as possible. Maybe change the date to the weekend before when no other events are going on, and I will be down from school then too :)

Oh yeah, no updates on prerunners.com since October?


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no updates on prerunners.com since October?[/QUOTE]

What has there been to update???

Announce to the internet about the wedding? LOL


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matt_helton said:
ahh Jaron, you can stay at my pad when you destroy your truck on the track. :)
Thanks, Matt. I'll need to borrow your trailer too, to haul it over to DMZ.

As far as the point and dinner goes...I don't care about the points, but I'm always down to eat!


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damnit! i so planned on going into the chat last night. buuuuut im 75% retarded, so i forgot. ill have to represent 9 cars at ROR some time this year


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Quote from Matt: Jen is a slacker.
Hey, that's not entirely true. Actually I've been really overwhelmed with a new job that is full-time plus going to school full time. It's been impossible to find time to move over all the stuff from our old computer to the new one so I can get updates done. Excuses, excuses, huh? I should just quit my job and focus on the ROR and *other events* and then I'd have more time to get the site revamped. Hell, that's a good idea. I'm giving notice! Seriously. Look for me to be 95% more dedicated to offroad in the very near future (I have to leave 5% for school).


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I will be there no matter what, also if my Truck is done and the event is do able for me I would like to run in March's event, but for some reason I cannot find the date or event, I read the 5th but I am not to sure about that, please give me some info. Is it D-Day, Jump?
Thanks Brian
3/5/05...season Opener (wheel-to-wheel And Time Trials)

6/11/05...5th Annual United Prerunners Jump Championships

7/16/05...dirt Wars 2005 (wheel-to-wheel)

10/15/05...d-day Time Trials