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Lets see your Tube Bender carts

I just got a new Protools 105HD Bender. I did the Swag Offroad mount and Harbor Freight air over Hydraulic conversion today. I need to build a Roll around cart to mount it to. Id like to see some of your guys setups for Ideas.



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I'll have to find a picture of my old one that I just sold, but I patterned it after the on Edwards Tools makes. Its on Trick Tools, it allows you to bend on the vertical, which can be super helpful.


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I have a model 4 JD2 air over hydraulic bender. I got the tube pedestal and made a cross base out of 2" by 5" square tubing. One of these I am going to put casters but right now just have round stubby feet on each corner of base. it is level and slides, ok, but I am going to put casters on it recessed in the base square tubing. It may have been a bit over kill but if you have ever lifted the main plate of the bender it is really heavy. Also running a 20' stick of 2" .120" DOM without a support is nice when working alone.


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I like the looks of that set up

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Thanks, it's really a homemade unit. A friend of mine built it and built many race cars with it over the years. I finally talked him out of it since he needed a rotary bender. I also bought his Mittler Bros. tube notcher as well