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LICENSING, is it time?


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I asked about co drivers because-

At this same race BJ got hot and got out of the truck but, his co driver took over driving duties and drove the truck the rest of the way to the finish.

In a scenario like that, if the co driver wasn't licensed the truck would be parked until another licensed back up driver could get behind the wheel.

So, hypothetically if you need a license then you also need licensed driver as back up plan. Right?
Dan's got a point, watched this happen plenty of times, whether the driver was tired, got hurt, etc. You'd almost have to unless you don't mind parking your vehicle and waiting for someone else to come up and take over driving duties.

Mark Newhan

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Same issue 18 years later: people outside of a corner.....
Actually they weren't on the outside of the corner. They were on the inside of the corner where you see Jim Baldwin (Jason's dad) turning right. As I recall there was a bet about how quickly Jason could pass his dad. Jason (God rest his soul) sailed so far off the road crossing that he never had a chance, he threw the truck sideways to try and make the corner. That video is a bad angle, but look at where he ended up, it was the inside of the turn, and furthermore you can clearly see that nobody was on the outside of that turn.


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Whats funny is guys that race the most obscurer classes have driving schools, you might as well go to Boomers and drive the go karts.