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Krittro Campbell
Anybody who wants to know how tuff Light Force lights really are take a picture of the truck below which was flipped over on its roof and over on its wheels at the night race...notice how the only damage to the light force HIDs was one of the diffusers coming off!!!! asnd the truck went on to finish the race with the HIDs leading the way. Now if anybody had doubt about Light Force before...I hope this removes all doubt.

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I have been running one Lightforce HID on my truck and it has been more than enough to romp the desert for fun. It is a bigger light in diameter then the Hella HID's and they say Lightforce in big letters on the front of the light but they are badazz lights. I have never run Hella's but this Lightforce is a pretty awesome light. It comes with differrent lenses to make them a pencil, amber, and diffuse them like a Euro beam. I think they are about the same price and they seem very durable as Kritter has shown. Just my 2 cents.


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Thanks for posting the carnage of our truck!!!! j/k

The lights were about the only thing on the truck that came out of this wreck working perfectly after this 60mph rollover, I was completely amazed and elated when we flipped the dreaded switch and they came on!!! You should have heard the hoots and hollars from everyone on my team when we found out that they made it through the crash. I believe the exact comment was "Lightforce is the S$%&!!!" We have lightforce lights on all of our Chase trucks also and they are the most durable lights I have ever seen.

On a side note, I would like to thank everyone that helped us recover from this crash. From the time that we rolled the truck to the time that the truck was up and running again was only 1hr and 28minutes!!! Aside from rolling the truck and coming in third, I truly believe that this was our teams "finest hour." Thanks to everyone, especially everyone listed below, we could not have done it without you!!!

Impact Racing
New Image Paint and Body
Dave Turner Motorsports
Faultline Fabrication

And last but certainly not least, Barry at BK Fabworks for building a cage that saved my best two friends lives.


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Steve, I have the LF standard 7" light and actually you dont need to use different lenses for pencil, etc. Yes there is a diffuser clear lense cover for using as a fog beam instead, but you can also twist the rear of the light and get the desired effects.Maybe that isnt the case with you HID, but thats one of the reasons I like the LF brand , you dont need special lenses as it's an "all in one" light. I even hit it with a ball peen hammer just for kicks and nothing happend to it, these are tough lights.



Jerry Maguire
If you shine it against a wall, will the wall say lightforce? :)

See ya in the dirt!

John Bitting

Damn LightForce must have a huge payroll with all these spokesman on board....

Doug, what would make you hit a light with a hammer just for poop and giggles?? Thats the last thing I think when I am checking out an HID light, someone grab me a hammer!


Out of curiosity, are the lightforce HID's similar in price to the Hella's?



Krittro Campbell
Half the price and they are one piece so you dont have to mount a ballast sepreately.



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Actaully John to answer your question-
when Lightforce just started with Team Hummer I spoke with the rep in Vegas and he ASKED me to. said if I could do this "little test" for him. I did and they didnt fail.

I didnt of course do this to MY lights, these were demo lights.

Jerry Zaiden

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Yes they are the same price as the hella's. $595 each. We have them. They are a nice light, just really big. But they will light up the desert. We have steve testing them out as well as a few trophy trucks :)... We will let you know how it goes.


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Half the price and they are one piece so you dont have to mount a ballast sepreately


What store do you go to? Everywhere I have checked they have been about the same price.

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Krittro Campbell
We didnt pay for them, but we were told they would be around 300 when they hit the shelves a few months back! I guess that was a farce.



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I run the regular 9.6" lights on the front of my truck and I'll vouch for them. I've been using them for the past two years and have not one complaint. I haven't even burnt a bulb! I got them from Eric Lane, the Class 8 Lightforce truck in BITD. He hooked me up for some web work, the best deal I've ever had. He said they were giving him 10 sets at a time so he was handing them out to everyone. Some people hate where I mounted them but I wanted to look like Ivan when I was 16 so I did it anyway.

The best part about them is they go from a driving beam to spot beam in less than a minute and I can adjust them while I'm driving.