Light Racing jounce stops: What's the word?

They've been around a couple years now. Rumored to make BP trucks so much smoother that the Chevy's were dropping their motors through the frame due to frame spreading caused by the force of the a-arms on the frame.

Anybody have any experience with these on stock or modified suspensions?

How do they differ from conventional bump stops? Thanks!
Tell me more: would they be better than a lower budget LT kit, for example. What did you use them on, what was the suspension, what was the result? Thanks!


Krittro Campbell
They are bitchen. BP got rid of them/getting rid of them due to frame damage.

They dont really differ from conventional other than the larger shaft and adjuster but I think thats a moot point for a bump stop. Put the proper oil volume you desire and pressure for your vehicle. The ramp of the gas force in most cases is drastically more force than the damping is going to provide from a low speed adjster.


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Sorry never used them on any of my rides. But I have checked them out thoroughly. #1 the innovation and adaptability of these components is beyond many of use here. These are quality parts that function well when set up properly.

I would have no 2nd thoughts running them if it made since on my ride.


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lovem . thousands of hard miles on them . customer service it top notch . they helped me with volume formulas to shorten my 3" bumps to 2".

a few cons about them though .
first being that the seal kits go for 80+$ each( never had a bump leak though ).

second being i almost always have a problem with losing oil when i discharge the nitrogen to put a diff pressure in , and fill voulme is critical.

3rd the plastic/delrin striker tips almost always strip out then taking them off for servicing. sucks when you like to switch them out with the rubber tips for street driving, gets a little expensive . and the rubber ones are no good for offroad abuse

other than those few things i like them a lot , but i feel they are particularly well suited for vehicles with space restraints. they are not as tall as our run of the mill bumps so if you have a lot of space for standard bumps id go with them instead


They look pretty awesome. Wish they were a bit cheaper (like everything else).

Jason, could you pm me a price on the 1.5" travel ones?



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I picked up a set of their 3" travel bumps for the rear of my Titan. There's not much room for install (unless you want to cut up your bed or already have, which I'm not ready to do ...yet ;) so they seemed an ideal choice.

Everthing that I could find to read about them has been positive...It will still be couple of weeks before I get them installed and would be glad to give feed-back then....


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I installed a set of Light Racing bumpstops on our Icon-equipped Tacoma and about 50,000 miles on them. When people ask me about performance, I always say that the performance is embarrassingly close to our LT-equipped Tacoma. I'm halfway-joking, but the only thing that kept me from driving it faster/harder was the lack of any type of rollcage. You can't really call 8.5" of suspension travel 'bottomless', but they really made a HUGE difference.

The thing that I was most impressed about though, was the fact that I NEVER serviced them and they never complained. They held pressure and never leaked, even though the shafts started to show a bit of rust and pitting (PNW winters). When I talked to Brian about these bumpstops, he told me that they designed them to pass GM's OE equipment tests, which mandated that their bumpstops had to be able to survive 60,000 miles (or something like that, it's been a long time) without needing to be serviced. I was skeptical, but I just couldn't kill those things - and I took TERRIBLE care of them.

The only problem I had was that I lost a couple of strike pads. They just unscrewed from the bumpstops and fell out. I guess that was an issue with them when they first came out, but Light Racing has since added set-screws to eliminate that problem.

But what I really like about these is the multitude of mounting options. Makes regular bumpstop mounts look kinda crude if you ask me...


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Resurrected thread....Have had these bump stops on for about 2 yrs.....and they work awesome for my DD prerunner, can't really feel them as they come into play. A tip for checking/adding g N2 pressure....turn the bumps schrader facing up (they do need to come off the trk) and let them sit for about 15-20 minutes to let the oil drain back and should have no oil loss issues.
Bought the round threaded cup and drew up the brackets tabbed and slotted, cut them on the water jet...and of course they fit together perfect for a great welding session.



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Do they still sell these? I am interested in some

Dirty Harry

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Yes they still sell them. I have them on my 4Runner and love them. The packaging makes them a great option for vehicles will full frames (as opposed to a tube chassis) where space is limited.

SDHQ sells a Raptor frame reinforcement kit using Light Racing Jounce Shocks that I think is a lot better package than others on the market since a normal 4-inch bump stop will make contact practically at ride height (or only use a fraction of the available stroke).